About Me

I started my career in ceramics over 25 years ago when living in Sydney Australia. I joined an evening class and was hooked from then on. When I returned to England with my young family I settled in the Cotswolds and studied ceramics for many years at Stroud Art College. I went on to teach ceramics to recovering addicts at a local rehabilitation centre – a job I found immensely rewarding as clay is an extremely therapeutic medium to work in.


My studio is based near Cirencester in an old stone outbuilding just adjacent to my house. I work in porcelain and white stoneware which is all fired to a temperature of 1250-1280 °C in an electric kiln. All the work is dishwasher proof! I make a range of mugs, jugs, plates, bowls and platters – all to be used and enjoyed in domestic life. I keep decorative technique to a minimum preferring instead to use shape and form to determine the clean and simple look of the finished item. My influences are varied – the simplicity of Japanese ceramics, artists such as Edmund de Vaal plus others I admire who have run short courses I have attended over the years – namely, Jack Doherty, Joanna Howells and Chris Keenan plus a week spent improving my throwing technique at The Leach Gallery in St Ives.

My work has been featured in a variety of life style magazines – Country Living, Period Living and Landscape magazine to name a few. I have exhibited with Stroud Valley Arts Open Studios, The Cotswold Open Studios, the Magpie Contemporary Art Exhibition and the Brownshill annual Exhibition here in the Cotswolds. My work is always evolving as I try out new colours and designs and gain influences from the places I visit and am always happy to discuss new ideas with customers I meet.

Alongside my ceramics I produce a colourful range of linen pinafore aprons – they are practical and fun to wear – some customers even claiming they have started wearing them as a fashion item!

I am aiming to open up my studio further this year and run some short courses over the summer for aspiring potters so keep an eye on my news updates.